Over a year ago at the BC Lupus Society’s 2015 Lupus Gala Vancouver, M was the successful bidder on a gift certificate for a family photo shoot that I donated. She was expecting her second child at the time so wanted to wait until her baby was born before we set a date. Of course as often happens when new babies arrive, sometimes the best laid plans fall to the side in the busyness of life.

So when I ran into M and her hubby again at the 2016 Gala, we agreed it was time to get those family shots done. But as we emailed back and forth figuring out a date, M shared that she was recently diagnosed with colon cancer…and she wanted, in her words, “to capture this stressful and scary moment and turn it into something beautiful.”

I couldn’t agree more, M. What an honour and privilege to be part of this meaningful moment.


Their paths crossed long ago at a group bible study and although Holly thought Seth was pretty great, let’s just say that Seth somehow missed a few clues. The two ended up seeing other people but remained friends. Fast forward a few years. Both had been in relationships but were single when they met up again. But this time, Holly made sure Seth knew she still thought he was pretty great…and Seth realized this gem of a woman who had been hiding in plain sight.

That was a year and a half ago and these two have been inseparable ever since. So of course, when Seth asked Holly to be his wife, there was only one possible answer. Now, they’re planning their July 2017 wedding! We got together for their engagement shoot on a perfect April evening and here are a few of my favourites…

Holly and Seth, I’m so happy for the two of you and I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you next summer!

Can you feel the joy?! Love this one!

They met seven years ago on the ball field, though neither Lindsey nor Rob thought much about it at the time.

Fast forward three years. By then a single mom, Lindsey showed up to watch a ball game, her two-week old baby Grace in tow. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the teams there to play that day was Rob’s.

Another two years pass…Lindsey had joined the team and after one particular game, Rob gave her a hug. Her dad, who had come to pick her up, saw something in that hug. “So, who was that?” he asked Lindsey, smiling.

Not long after, Rob asked her out. “We’re like yin and yang,” she says, “but he totally accepted me for who I was.” After a couple years of dating, Lindsey and Rob had a big year in 2014: They bought a house in June, a new puppy in August, and found out they were expecting in September. In May 2015, Sadie made them a family of four.

Last week, we went out to grab some family/engagement photos and had an absolute blast. You can see the easy way they have with one another and the absolute love they have for one another and for both of their girls. (They’re pretty fun to be around!)

Lindsey and Rob (and Gracie and Sadie), thanks so much for having me along. Can’t wait for your September wedding!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of working with the wonderful Jamie Delaine for another one of her lovely couples, L + M. I met the groom when I second shot with Jamie for Brandon + Jen, her brother and sister-in-law. M was Brandon’s best man and the toast he gave to the groom was the BEST best man speech I’ve ever heard. So I was pretty excited to be able to be invited along for this beauty of a day. Here are a few of my favourites!

Someone’s excited to see his bride!

A few frames from my film camera…so much fun.

And we’re back to digital…